Arm Hood/Fume Exhaust (Ceiling/Wall)

Our extractor arms feature a versatile bench, ceiling or wall mounting capability so you can place the arm where it suits you best. From self-assembly kits to tailor-made solutions, our arms are available in self assembly kits, which include a fan and filter, a fan speed controller, hoses, table bracket and connectors. The kit provides a quick and convenient solution for creating a fume-free workplace.

fume exhaust

Specification :
Joint:High grade PP/PC,to be 360 swiveled,dismantled &assembled easily for cleaning
Joint seal ring:low-friction treated rubber
support spring/center bolt:Stainless steel 304
Adjustable joint knob:High grade PP/PC with a molded-inbrass nut locking with center bolt
Damper:To manually adjust airflow by a knob
dome/cup hood:D375mm/200mm,high grade PP/PC,red,grey& transparent available
Trbe:D75mm PVC/PC
Bracket:High grade PP/PC(ceiling/wall mounted),PP/PC(bench mounted)
Explanation:To fit laboratory safety required,use non-burnable plastic which endure high temperature
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