Furniture Laboratorium

Meja Laboratorium

meja lab  meja laboratorium_wall bench

fume hood & emergency shower fully stainless steel

Memproduksi Furniture Laboratorium diantaranya : Lemari Asam, Laminar Airflow, Biosafety Cabinet, Fume Hood, Eyewas Station, Meja Laboratorium, Storage Cabinet, Safety Cabinet, Rack, Stainless Steel Furniture, Wood Furniture, Wet Scrubber Fume Hood.

We are one of the leading companies that provide a quality range of Laboratory Storage Cabinets all across the country. The storage cabinets range from tool cabinets to steel lockers, file cabinets, vessel cabinets to chemistry storage cabinets. The storage cabinets comprises of large storage capacity, consuming less space.

Steel Casework features rugged, strong, heavy gauge steel full-frame construction with smooth, clean, easy to maintain surfaces. Each our steel laboratory furniture is fabricated with quality workmanship using furniture grade cold rolled steel. Available in numerous configurations with countless options, our laboratory furniture can be readily custom designed and manufactured to meet each laboratory’s unique requirements.

Our innovative range of laboratory accessories are designed for efficient and safe operation. These accessories are of high quality and assuring accurate performance & durability.

Workshop Furniture Lab. : Jl. Cibubur 6 RT.004/04 No. 29 Cibubur Jakarta Timur, HP. 081218243213

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