Jual Incubator Laboratorium UNICO

incubator laboratorium

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Jual Spectrophotometer UNICO


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Goggle Sanitizer (UV Sanitizing Cabinet)

Goggle Sanitizer (UV Sanitizing Cabinet)

Dimension : 26x19x11 inchi,

jual goggle sanitizer

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Laboratory water and gas fitting – Jual Keran Air, gas, wastafel untuk laboratorium

wastafel, sink laboratorium_method Laboratory water and gas Fitting_ methodsink_besar_method

Laboratory wastafel, sink, bottle trap, water and gas fitting ex Method, Mastap, Spa.

Informasi dan pemesanan : Workshop : Mobile/WA: 081218243213

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Emergency Shower dan Eye Wash



Emergency shower dan Eyewash Material keseluruhan terbuat dari Stainless Steel, Anti karat, anti gores, tidak berbau dan tahan lama. Pastikan emergency shower dan eye wash anda aman dan berkualitas. Informasi harga emergency shower dan eye wash silahkan hubungi : CV. SALMAN PERKASA, TELP. 021-8724600, 081218243213

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Arm Hood/Fume Exhaust (Ceiling/Wall)

Our extractor arms feature a versatile bench, ceiling or wall mounting capability so you can place the arm where it suits you best. From self-assembly kits to tailor-made solutions, our arms are available in self assembly kits, which include a fan and filter, a fan speed controller, hoses, table bracket and connectors. The kit provides a quick and convenient solution for creating a fume-free workplace.

fume exhaust

Specification :
Joint:High grade PP/PC,to be 360 swiveled,dismantled &assembled easily for cleaning
Joint seal ring:low-friction treated rubber
support spring/center bolt:Stainless steel 304
Adjustable joint knob:High grade PP/PC with a molded-inbrass nut locking with center bolt
Damper:To manually adjust airflow by a knob
dome/cup hood:D375mm/200mm,high grade PP/PC,red,grey& transparent available
Trbe:D75mm PVC/PC
Bracket:High grade PP/PC(ceiling/wall mounted),PP/PC(bench mounted)
Explanation:To fit laboratory safety required,use non-burnable plastic which endure high temperature
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Chemical dilution recovery trap resistance polypropylene

PP Dilution Tank

The one piece moulded Polypropylene dilution recovery trap with a 4.5 litre capacity is ideal for fumecupboard and underbench installation serving one or multiple sink. Its physical and high chemical resistant properties are well suited to dilute acid that poured into the sink. the process of dilution is important in the laboratory environment as it render the acid less harmfull.

Informasi workshop: 021-8724600, Mobile: 081218243213

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sink table

Meja Laboratorium

Meja Laboratorium, Dimensi 3000x1500x850mm

Produksi sink table laboratorium, Storage flammable cabinet, acid cabinet, toxic cabinet, bahan steel epoxy coating, meja laboratorium bahan multiplex dilapisi HPL, meja kerja phenolic resin 13mm, keran air khusus laboratorium 3 outlet, dengan sink/wastafel besar berbahan dasar polypropylene ukuran 815x470x330, tahan terhadap asam dan kimia.

Untuk informasi hubungi kami :

Workshop flammable cabinet/acid cabinet/lemari asam : Jl. Cibubur 6 RT.004/04 No. 29 Jakarta Timur 13720

Telp. 021-8724600, 08114937513 (Hallo)

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Medical Refrigerator

MD 72/120/294/504 Medical Refrigerators

jual medical refrigerator_jual kulkas medis_kulkas rumah sakitReliable temperature conditions for drugs and vaccines
Heat sensitive drugs, vaccines, pharmaceutical and medical products should be stored in cold environment and those products need stable storage conditions which cannot be guaranteed by an ordinary refrigerator.
The MD Series Medical Refrigerators are specifically designed to optimize the storage of those valued products. Their rugged construction in stainless steel is combined with high density polyurethane insulation and efficient cooling and fast temperature recovery after door opening optimize the storage conditions.
High technology is combined with practical advantages. Perfect for viewing the stock, the triple glass door window has anti-fogging inner glass for top visibility while the external glass prevents ingress of degrading UV light. Switchable inner lights assist with viewing of the contents.
The MD Series Medical Refrigerators are powered by N-SmArt™ which has internal memory storing temperatures records up to ten years with one hour intervals as digitally and graphically. By means of NuveCloser™ software, The MD Series Medical Refrigerators can be controlled via internet. Sample safety is given top priority with audible, visual, open door and optional NuveWarn™ remote alarm system, plus an optional AlerText™ text message to multiple mobile phones. Sending e-mail up to five e-mail addresses in case of any failure is offered as standard Alarms are independently powered by a permanently recharged battery. The units can be placed in corridors as the door, power switch and optional chart recorder are all key lock protected.
4 Capacities:
MD 72: 200 lt.
MD 120: 303 lt.
MD 294: 630 lt.
MD 504: 1090 lt.
  • Temperature range: 0°C / 10°C
  • Temperature display with 0.1°C resolution
  • Interior chamber: Stainless steel
  • Door window with triple glass
  • Programmable microprocessor N-SmArt™ control system
  • Password protected control system
  • 4.3” TFT colourful display for maximum information
  • 5 languages option (Turkish, English, French, Spanish, Russian)
  • Full traceability by keeping the operating parameters digitally and
  • graphically in the memory
  • Internal memory for 10 years data
  • Colour changing error screen
  • Equipped with NuveCom™ communication unit
  • USB port to store the temperature records on memory stick
  • World-wide access via ethernet port with NuveCloser™
  • Rapid support by sending e-mails with the details of the failure
  • RS 232 port for PC or AlerText™
  • High density injected polyurethane insulation
  • Door with key lock
  • Perfect air tightness with magnetic gasket
  • Alarm system for high and low temperature power failure,
  • temperature sensor failure and open door
  • Re-chargeable battery for control and alarm system
  • Remote alarm outlet
  • Standard outlet for central alarm system
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Medical Faucet

Kami menyediakan kran-keran air untuk rumah sakit. Bahan material yang digunakan : Stainless steel  100% SUS 304, alasan menggunakan 100% SS SUS 304, kuat, tahan lama, anti gores, mudah dibersihkan dari noda, tidak memudar dan anti karat

Trukleen Medical Faucets are available in two options:

1) Trunkleen stainless steel medical faucets,

2) Trunklee anti-microbial medical faucet

The superior and premium Trunkleen Stainless steel medical faucet

jual keran medis laboratorium untuk rumah sakit

jual keran medis laboratorium untuk rumah sakit

keran air rumah sakit  water tap for hospital  keran laboratorium rumah sakit


Untuk kejelasan produk silahkan menghubungi kami :

Telp. 021-8724600, HP. 081218243213

E-mail: salmanperkasa6@gmail.com

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