Fume Hood Phenolic Resin

Fume hood phenolic

Spesifikasi fume hood/lemari asam

Material : All Phenolic resin thickness 12mm, water tight lamp 20W, worktable phenolic resin, Switch on-off Legrand 220V

About Our Fume Hoods

We delivers one of the best walk-in and bench-top fume hoods, at competitive prices. Best of all, we deliver usually less than half the industry standard delivery time. Our fume hoods are built with features that surpass industry standards in every respect:

Ergonomic features, like taller sight lines, a crush-resistant sill airfoil, and a wire chase that keeps cords out of your way.

Advanced ergonomic features, like an optional and innovative automatic sash control that automatically moves back to the correct working position while leaving your hands free.

Safety features that are far above the industry standard – including higher-rated safety glass, thicker liner board, and consistent airflow delivery for the life of the hood.

Innovative design that offers more usable space — ideal for a tall or bulky apparatus, material, or process.

Quality construction for longer life, for all-welded steel frames to forged brass bodies on the remote service fixtures.


Contact workshop fume hood phenolic resin : 081218243213 WA/Telp

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